Are you searching for way to make money writing online but don’t know which platform to begin with? If you answer is Yes, then let’s look at how to make money on opera news.

Opera news is one of the best online writing platforms in Africa that allows you make money Online by publishing quality contents.

To be able to make money on opera news you need to first sign up to get approved into the platform. So in the next paragraph are the steps in creating an account with opera news in Ghana or any part of Africa:

To create an account, you need to click Opera News Hub website

At the homepage, you will see a red button ‘Login/ SignUp’.

Then click on signup where it’s will take you to your Gmail or Facebook depending on how you want to register.

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Depending on the option you chose you will have to confirm confirming your login information and start the next process of filling your details on Opera News.

Below are the details needed for registration on opera news

  • Photo
  • Username
  • Category you want to focus on (Politics, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Relationship and Parenting and so on.)
  • Your profile picture
  • Biography

Once the form is completed, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard.

How to make money on Opera News hub 2021

When you are approved you then start to write your contents. To make money on Opera news you need to get more engagements.

To get more engagement on opera news you need to write quality contents that will attract engagements and this engagements will fetch you more money.

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Another way to make money on opera news is to get more views, likes, shares and comments on the articles you write. And how can that be possible? This is only attainable if only you write viral articles which are also quality.

Also note that it’s not only about writing frequently but the quality of your articles also counts. For this writing platform is not for writing sake but quality is their target.

Next post is not to write less than 150 words per post.The volume of your post is not what matters but its quality. Ensure whatever you’re writing is rich to make readers love it. Then endeavor to write above 150 words to treat as many relevant points as possible.

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Keep track of your published articles and monitor how they are performing and better the ones not having engagements.

How does opera news pay?

The platform has a monthly earning system in which payment is made to all users based on their performance on every 15th of each month. Writer receive their payment via mobile money transfer or even through their bank account.


I believe by now you know how to make money on opera news as your side business for it’s one of the best platforms for upcoming writers who don’t have their own website.


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