How To Order KFC Online In Ghana 2021

KFC is a corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky where it has its headquarters. The several decade’s company can boast of innumerable branches globally. The company provides different forms of assorted dishes.

How To Order KFC Online In Ghana 2021
How To Order Kfc Online In Ghana

Fortunately, the company is also based in Ghana having several of its branches across the country. Its branches could be located at Asokwa, Bekwai, Takoradi, Berekum, and Accra.

They serve special delicacies that are not only tasty to the mouth but rich with long preserved culture.

On its menu list, we have The big festive bucket which comprises 10 pieces of Chicken, two large chips, and a 4x 300ml drink which goes for GH¢99, Streetwise 10 comprising of 10 pieces of chicken, and two large chips going for GH¢85.

Tower burger for 28cedis, Streetwise Bucket for 1 comprising of 1 Chicken piece, two hot wings and small chips going for GH¢17, Streetwise 5 which comprises of 5pieces of chicken and large chips.

Wicked Zinger Meal which comprises of 4 pieces of hot wings, one piece of buns, zinger dressing, mini fillet, regular chips, coleslaw, and 500ml drink going for GH¢55 and fully loaded meal comprising of 1 piece buns plus (zinger or colomel dressing), 1 piece fillet, regular chips, chicken piece, coleslaw and 500ml drink going for GH¢48.

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How To Order Kfc Online In Ghana 2021

For online delivery, KFC is in collaboration with delivery companies like Shopnaw and Jumia food. To order KFC food online, you have several ways of going about it.

  • Firstly you can download the jumia food app and order your food from there.
  • All payment shall be made online or physically when food is delivered to you.
  • So on the Jumia app, you select KFC foods and choose from the menu what you will like to purchase.
  • Also, you can log on to When on the page, log on to Find a KFC. A list of KFC branches with their contact information shall be provided.
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KFC branches in Ghana

The following is a list of KFC branches together with their contact information.

In Accra, there is KFC Kwashieman with 0302980013 as their contact info.

KFC Osu with contact info 03029530861

KFC Melcom with contact info 0302945547

KFC Sakumono with 0245750586 as their contact

KFC Marina Mall with contact info 0302954198

KFC East Legon with contact info 0201725363.

In Kumasi, there is KFC Asokwa with contact info 0322397788 and KFC Bekwai with contact info 0362193743.

In Tamale, there is KFC Tamale with 0504358881 as their contact info.

In Sunyani, there is KFC Sunyani with contact info 0202439368.

And finally in Takoradi, there is kFC Takoradi with contact info 0312272278. You must however note that, you should be in a geographical area where delivery services are not compromised.

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