How do I write a formal letter in Ghana?

The essence of How To Write A formal Letter In Ghana is always undermined by Ghanaians until it comes hard at them. That is the only time they realize they need to learn the ethics of letter writing, especially formal letters. Some even go so far as to hire writers to simply put together a portion of a formal letter.

How do I write a formal letter in Ghana?

Is that really not costing and humiliating?

Well, those who also hold the belief they could write a formal letter find themselves lacking at some point. The point is, letter writing especially formal letter writing has been underrated to a point that has become troubling. What all must know is that letter writing isn’t anything hectic, however, how you would go about it is what really matters.

Formal letter writing has the importance of allowing the writer to apply for a job opportunity, query an individual, petition people, suggest ideas to a higher authority, and also write to people in authority. The potency of this particular form of letter writing requires a high degree of decorum and politeness.

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How do I write a formal letter in Ghana?

How do I write a formal letter in Ghana?

Now, the following procedures would guide you to write a better formal letter in Ghana 2021;

Firstly, a good background research must be conducted on the topic you are writing on. For example, if you are applying for a job opportunity, do thorough research of the employing company as no company would take ignorance as a form of insult.

Secondly, get a pen and a sheet of paper and write down all essentials. Starting of with the letter, write a letterhead which usually entails your details such as your name, home address, email address,phone number, social media handles and personal websites(optional).

Thirdly, write down the recipient’s address. This address includes details of the person you are writing to such as the person’s position, the department, the company and lastly the address of the company. The essence of this is to directly send your message to the target personnel or company and not any other.

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The actual letter writing encompasses your salutation(thus your greetings to the recipient) and your heading. The heading gives a brief of what the letter is about and this also informs the writer on how to tackle your letter. It must therefore be precise, concise and captivating.

The body of the letter comprises of the introduction, the main body and conclusion. Your introduction must be very concrete, precise and concise. There should be no beating around the bush and the language used here should be very formal, no use of contracted forms. Why you are writing the letter should be captured in the introduction and references must be made to that knowledge.

The main body must include broader explanation of your purpose of writing . The language used should be a formal one and prevent overly addressing the recipient. Every point made here must be clearly elaborated and supported with appropriate documents if required. You must build concrete points here.

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To finish up your letter requires a conclusion, this should also be brief but must capture all points you clearly stated in the main body. You should also thank the recipient. Ending the letter requires a subscription. Mind you the subscription must always be in alignment with the writer’s address ( if it was provided instead of the letter head). The subscription covers the writer’s official names and your signature. However major guidelines are that you punctuate when needed and your sentence construction should be simple and precise.


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