How Whitney Adeniran Die? Chrisland Schools Student Cause of Death
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How Whitney Adeniran Die? Chrisland Schools Student Cause of Death. Whitney Adeniran, a 12-year-old student, slumped and died during an inter-house sports competition, according to Chrisland Schools management. The school issued a statement on Sunday lamenting the girl’s death, which it said occurred on Thursday.

“With a deep sense of loss, the management and staff of Chrisland Schools Limited announce the death of our precious student, Whitney Adeniran; whose painful exit occurred on Thursday, February 9th, 2023,” the statement said.

Whitney was one of the school’s Day students who chose not to participate in the inter-house sports match in the past for reasons “we were not very sure of,” according to the school.

“However, on discretion, we respected her decision to err on the side of caution, because on January 20, 2023, it is in our records that she had complained about not-too-buoyant health and we immediately contacted her parents.

“Her father, Mr Michael Adeniran, came to the school to take her home. We emphasised to her parents to take a critical look at her,” the management explained

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Whitney slumped in public, not behind closed doors, according to Chrisland, and she was rushed to the nearest medical facility for first aid.

The school went on to say that its immediate response was to take advantage of her proximity to first-aid by locating the nearest medical facility to transport her to, where the doctor on duty administered oxygen and every other aid possible on her.

The management explained that it immediately notified regulatory stakeholders and agencies so that the developments could be thoroughly evaluated and assessed.

It stated that, despite the compelling imperatives to fill any information gaps in public space, the school refrained from making a media sensation out of this because the deceased in question was minor and deserving of respect.

“We also prioritised respect for the privacy of the family and were with them consistently, to mourn together. This is a painful loss for all of us,” it said. The school said it would resist any urge to join issues on her treasured memory, in media trends.

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How Whitney Adeniran Die? Chrisland Schools Student Cause of Death

In leaked audio, a Chrisland Schools student claims that Whitney Adeniran, 12, was electrocuted during the school’s inter-house sports.

This comes after Chrisland Schools issued a statement about the circumstances surrounding one of their students’ death.

A whistleblower claimed that her child, who was not a student at the time, overheard what happened. The parent wrote on her findings regarding Whitney Adeniran’s death while sharing a leaked audio;

“This is concerning the child that died in Chrisland few days ago. My 12-year-old daughter walked up to me and told me in her words ‘Mummy I do not know why people still attend Chrisland school’ and I asked why?

She then told me a student had collapsed during their inter-house sport; I was surprised cos she doesn’t attend Chrisland so how did she get the information? She then forwarded a particular voice note on snap chat to me.

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I listened to it and I was devastated but kept quiet. In the voice note another Chrisland student was gisting her friends what happened at their inter house sport and the deceased child Whitney was mentioned.

The child clearly stated that Whitney went to buy popcorn and cotton candy and touched one of the machines producing either cotton candy or popcorn and she was electrocuted.

She collapsed immediately. And water was poured on her. The story Chrisland is giving is false I have the voice note as evidence.”

Listen to the audio below …

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