HRRG Executive Director Joseph Wemakor emerged finalist for the prestigious AfricanDefenders Shield Awards 2023

Founder and Executive Director of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) Joseph Wemakor (HRRG) has emerged as a finalist for the 2023 AfricanDefenders Shield Awards.

The AfricanDefenders Shield Awards is an initiative that is focused on recognizing and rewarding individuals who have contributed significantly to change peacefully and courageously in the face of many challenges, risks and threats while at work.

The award aims to highlight the efforts and dedication of human rights defenders in Africa who work tirelessly to promote respect for human rights and to protect human dignity. It is awarded to outstanding people who promote and defend human rights in their countries.

Wemakor’s nomination for the award was based on his outstanding contribution to the promotion of human rights in Ghana and across Africa.

He has been a relentless and vocal advocate for the rights of marginalized individuals and groups in Ghana, and his work has been recognized both locally and internationally. Through his leadership, the HRRG has become a leading voice for human rights in Ghana, and has been at the forefront of many campaigns to promote human dignity and justice in the country.

Wemakor’s work has had a significant impact on the human rights landscape in Ghana. His advocacy has led to many positive changes in policies and laws that have contributed to the betterment of society.

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Some of his notable achievements include his advocacy for the rights of women and children, the fight against gender-based violence, and his work towards creating more awareness and understanding about human rights issues in Ghana.

One of the notable achievements of Wemakor and the HRRG was their role in the campaign against the kidnappings in Ghana. Their advocacy has led to reduction in kidnapping cases in Ghana. In 2018, issues of kidnappings became a topical issue which created fear and panic in the country, witnessed several disappearances. However, due to the timely intervention of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana led by Wemakor with support of its amazing team of volunteers, the group embarked on a nationwide sensitization campaign to back governments effort, the result which turned around the fortunes of the country.

Wemakor has also been at the forefront of the campaign for the rights of women, girls, children including minority groups in the Ghanaian society.

He has been a vocal advocate for their right to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, and has spearheaded many campaigns to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the vulnerable and marginalized in Ghanaian society.

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His work has led to significant changes in policy aimed at protecting the rights of the Ghanaian youth, and has contributed to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable society.

The recognition of Wemakor as a finalist for the AfricanDefenders Shield Awards is a testament to the impact of his work in promoting human rights in Ghana and beyond.

His dedication and commitment to the cause of human rights has inspired many others to get involved in advocacy, and has contributed to the growth of a vibrant human rights movement in Ghana.

In summary, the nomination of Joseph Wemakor as a finalist for the 2023 AfricanDefenders Shield Awards is a well-deserved honor. Wemakor’s work in the promotion of human rights in Ghana and beyond has been exceptional, and he has become a respected and influential voice in the human rights movement in Africa.

The award nomination is a recognition of his contributions towards creating a more just and equitable society, and an inspiration to others to continue the fight for human rights every day.

Source: Joshua Elikplim Adjei

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