Husband Catches Wife Boarding Flight With Another Man After She Claimed To Be Visiting Her Sister (Watch Video)

A fight broke out at the airport when a man ran into his wife while trying to board a flight to an unknown place with another man.

When his wife and her lover were holding hands and giggling at the check-in area, the husband approached them and inquired who the person was to her.

She informed her husband, terrified, that he is her brother, but he called her out on the lie and stated he knew her brother.

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He kept asking her what she was doing there, even though she pretended she was going to see her sister for the holidays.

He also questioned the man to find out who he was and what his relationship with his wife was like.

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When the woman finally got up the nerve to speak, she stated she’d been conversing with the gentleman for two months and they’d gotten close.

She blamed her husband of causing her to cheat since he did not pay her enough attention.

Watch the video below:

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