I Never Knew We Were Rich Until I Was 13 – Davido(Watch Video)

Davido Net Worth 2021

Award winning Nigerian afrobeat singer Davido has revealed how he grew up with his parents in Lagos.

According to Davido in a recent interview he was born in Atlanta, but his parents chose to raise him in Nigeria, making him the only kid out of five to do so.

He added that they lived such a simple life that he had no idea they were so rich, and he wasn’t particularly close to his father since he was usually preoccupied with his business, which he didn’t understand until they moved to a new house when he was 13 years old.

Davido went on to say that he first got to know how rich they were when they relocated from where he was staying in Nigeria to a different location, and the shock on his face could only be imagined, so at the age of 13, he decided to find out what work his father does.

He also discussed his musical journey while at school, including how he had to conceal from his father to record music until he learned from others that he was interested in music, breaking the family tradition of going to university to study business and working for him or one of his wealthy friends.


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