I sacked the 72 pastors because I was spending 1.2 billion monthly on their salaries with no returning profit – Bishop Obinim


It is now official that International GodsWay Church Bishop Daniel Obinim sacked 72 of his pastors and told them to pursue better manual labor employment

In a video showing the well-known preacher, he gave his junior pastors the freedom to continue serving God outside of his church if they so choose, but advised them to go get their hands dirty like everyone else.

Bishop Daniel Obinim was heard explaining that while he used to spend 1.2 billion each month to cover the wages of the fired junior pastors, there was never a certain return on investment.

“Now I’m a free person. Let me confirm that the few Pastors I have now have been doing all the jobs of the sacked ones. There is nothing wrong here. There are no loopholes. They should go and find a different job.

“If I check the works of the sacked 72 pastors and compare the output of the remaining 12 or 15 pastors, I see no difference. So, it means I was just wasting money. At first, I used to spend 1.2 billion monthly as their salaries with no returning profit…” Bishop Obinim stated.


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