If You Love God You Won't Have S3x - Rev. Charlott
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This year’s edition of ‘single summit’ by Assemblies of God Tema District was powerful, exciting, educative, and revealing.

It featured popular marriage counselor, Rev. Charlotte Oduro and the discussion was centered on Holiness in Love.

Growing up, the outspoken counselor believed she has tasted all sides of life, so she understands most of the problems in relationships or marriages.

Contrary to the desire of men having intimate with their partners before marriage, she has advised women to desist from the act of giving their bodies out to men when they are in relationships.

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According to Rev Charlotte Oduro, anyone who loves God won’t have s3x until they are married.

She advised the youth of Assemblies of God Tema district to keep their relationships holy.

Rev Charlotte Oduro also said “In the journey of marriage, partners need to communicate to know and understand each other. In addition, marriage is about maturity and preparedness,” she added.

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She also made the youth understand that in marriages the men that cheats are not husbands but boys likewise those that complain in marriages.

In conclusion, she hinted that every matured and prepared person doesn’t need a long time to know their partner. The deliberate act of people wasting a long time in relationships to know the partner should be discouraged because that is what makes you do things you aren’t supposed to do while courting.

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