Imani Duckett Biography And Net Worth
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Imani Duckett Biography And Net Worth: Being born to a renowned parent and mostly a celebrity attracts a lot of public attention and scrutiny. The majority of the population expects you to follow suit or also do something admiring. Your life could be a blizzard of distress however, Imani Duckett seems to be coping perfectly well.

Imani Duckett Biography And Net Worth
Imani Duckett Biography And Net Worth

Imani Duckett Biography

Imani Duckett was born to Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy and she was born in 1999. At the age of 17, she was healthy and available to see her parents divorce.

Much relevant information about her dad Duckett Terrence isn’t known to the public and what could also be written about him is always compromised, however, we know he has joint custody over Imani with his former wife.

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The couple divorced on a plea that there are irreconcilable differences between them. He is believed to have no other apart from Imani when the couple went separate ways a few years after marriage. It is however also rumored that she isn’t the biological father of Imani but Tupac Shakur is.

Terrence Duckett is an African American while his former wife is also an African American making Imani Duckett a mixed race.
Imani’s mother; Jasmine Guy is an American singer, dancer, and director. Jasmine Guy was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962 to an African American Father and a White American mother.

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Jasmine Guy Parents

Jasmine Guy’s Parents that is jasmine guy mother and father are African American. Jasmine guy mother and father William Guy was a Reverend at Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta and an instructor of philosophy and religion at a college. Jasmine Guy mother was a high school teacher.

Jasmine Guy started a career after she graduated from a dancing school and she was starred in Fame and other several series playing a role or the other in dancing. As talented and versatile as she was, she was able to play several roles in movies like School Daze and Harmlet’s Night.

What is Imani Duckett Net Worth?

Imani currently lives with her mother after the divorce but her father is granted access to her. The love story of Imani hasn’t had a clear spot as she has neither been spotted with a boyfriend nor has publicly declared she is dating. Her profession is given regard as an actress as she is following her mum’s pace and she has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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How old is Jasmine Guy’s daughter?

Jasmine Guy’s daughter is 17 years she was born in 1997

How is Imani?

Imani, daughter of Jasmine Guy is 17 years old.

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