Interview Questions to Expect For A Temporary Job Position


A job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, no matter what position you may be applying for. You want to be sure of doing the very best you can, and one key way of ensuring that you present yourself well is to prepare in advance. For a temporary position, this preparation can help you to stand out from the competition.

Good preparation should include research about the organization you are applying to, and about the type of work, you would be expected to undertake. To this end, it’s a really good idea to consider what the likely interview questions will be, so that you can be ready to answer with confidence on the day.

The Difference Between Temporary And Permanent Interview Questions

It’s important to recognize that those employers who are looking to recruit a temporary staff member are likely to be judging candidates on slightly different criteria to applicants for permanent positions. For example, whilst a company may be happy to accommodate a period of settling in and learning for a permanent employee, a temporary hire will usually be expected to be able to get up to speed straight away. As a result, the temporary candidates may find that they face more direct interview questions, which are likely to be strongly focused on the specific role itself.

Common interview questions will aim to draw out information about your relevant experience in key operations or tasks, your ability to work effectively in a team, and what related work you have carried out in the past, as well as information about when you would be available to work. As a temporary employee, you may find that you will be working with an agency that uses temporary recruitment software to manage your placements, so there may well be questions about your familiarity with such applications.

Common “Why” Questions

Some interview questions always seem to crop up, and these all tend to centre on the word “why”. Interviewers will likely ask you:

– Why do you want to work for our organization?

– Why are you interested in this position?

– Why do you want a temporary position?

The first two of these three questions can be managed with a bit of research on your part: look at the organization’s website or social media accounts to glean information about their ethos or working culture which appeals to you. The position itself may play directly to your skillset, so look over the job description to pick out how you match up to the requirements. If the advert says that they want a motivated employee, or someone who works well independently, prepare examples as to how you have demonstrated these qualities.

The third question can be a little more daunting. Regardless of your motivation for choosing temporary work, you must present it as a positive, rather than focusing on the drawbacks of taking a permanent contract. Perhaps you want to develop experience across different working environments, or, that it is a good fit for your circumstances. Be honest but demonstrate that you are keen to bring your best to temporary placement, and you will satisfy the interviewer that you are a good choice for their business.

The Benefit Of Temporary Recruitment Software

Many temporary candidates will find their work through agencies, and these days, this means that you will likely need to get to grips with their software applications. Temporary recruitment software is a great way to ensure that you and your agency can stay in touch easily and conveniently and allows you to access all the relevant information about vacancies or placements wherever you have internet access.

If you are asked about your ability to work with a temporary recruitment software application at your interview, it can be a great opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm about working with the latest technology to optimize your efficiency as an employee. After all, any kind of interview is likely to establish that you can bring value to the organisation, so stay positive and focus on putting across all you have to offer.


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