Is Archie Battersbee Dead Or Alive?


According to the judge’s ruling, 12-year-old Archie Battersbee can no longer receive life-sustaining treatment. Archie was found unconscious on April 7 at his Southend, Essex, home.

The medical staff at the Royal London Hospital determined that he was “brain stem dead” and that discontinuing treatment was in his best interests.

Is Archie Battersbee Dead Or Alive?

Hollie Dance, Archie Dance’s mother, stated that the family intended to appeal the most recent ruling. “Archie would want us to keep fighting… and we will keep fighting,” she declared.

Ms. Dance previously testified that she believed Archie took part in an online challenge before being discovered. The family can challenge Mr. Justice Hayden’s denial of their request again by requesting permission from the Court of Appeal by Monday at 14:00 BST.

“I am devastated and extremely disappointed by the judge’s ruling after weeks of fighting a legal battle when I wanted to be at my little boy’s bedside,” she said.

“I feel sickened that the hospital and judge have failed to take the wishes of his family into consideration.

“I don’t believe Archie has been given enough time.

“From the beginning I have always thought, ‘What’s the rush?'”

The court heard Archie is “likely” to be dead based off an MRI scan – the first time a decision has been reached using that method, Hollie claimed.

“The medical opinion presented in court was clear, in that the whole concept of ‘brain death’ is now discredited,” she said.


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