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Is Hugh Jackman A Christian?


Is Hugh Jackman A Christian? Hugh Jackman is a well-known Hollywood actor by any standard. He is arguably most recognized for his performances as a superhero in the X-Men series and as Wolverine. In the Hollywood remake of the classic Les Misérables, he also played Jean Valjean.

Is Hugh Jackman A Christian?

Yes, Hugh Jackman is a Christian. In an interview with Parade, Jackman stated openly about his faith:

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“I am a Christian.”

Though I admit Christian can be loosely interpreted, in the interview Jackman spoke about his involvement with Evangelical Christianity when he was younger. He was raised by his Christian father after his mother abandoned the family when Hugh was eight.

Jackman stated:

“I used to go to different evangelists’ [revival] tents all the time. When I was about 13, I had a weird premonition that I was going to be onstage, like the preachers I saw.”

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Jackman said:

“This is going to sound weird to you, in Chariots of Fire the runner Eric Liddell says, ‘When I run, I feel His pleasure.” And I feel that pleasure when I act and it’s going well, particularly onstage.”

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