Is Itsmyrayeraye still married?
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Itsmyrayeraye is a YouTuber channel, Instagram influencer, and TikTok video creator from the United States. Her vlogs are mostly about beauty and travel.

She has many fans because she is a well-known public figure. However, they have recently expressed their concern for her. Itsmyrayeraye tweeted a depressing post about her relationship and love life. With rumors and gossip flying around, she has become a public talking point.

Itsmyrayeraye, a well-known social media personality, has gained widespread attention on the internet. Raye Boyce is her real name, and she has a large fan base.

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Is Itsmyrayeraye still married?

After eight years of dating, an influencer married her husband Eric Boyce. The couple had been married for almost three years when the divorce rumors surfaced on the internet.

Raye and Eric even had an adorable baby together. They lived together and were perfectly content with their relationship. Raye has not yet confirmed her divorce from her husband. “I wish I had a big family this time of year,” she tweeted.

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