Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT, character of Chris Alonso?

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The internet is buzzing after news of Lina Esco the main character on SWAT that’s Chris Alonso was hinted to be leaving. The question Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT, character of Chris Alonso? Get to know everything in this article.

Christina Alonso is the show’s main cast member, making her one of the plot’s most important characters. She is the only female officer on the team, making her a role model for the audience.

Lina’s portrayal of a tough, dedicated, ambitious, and sometimes harsh Chris, as well as Chris’s desire for love as a bisexual woman, frequently takes center stage in the series. Lina also directed the 2022 episode “Donor,” according to her IMDb profile.

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Is Chris Alonso Leaving SWAT Aka Lina Esco?

Chris Alonso is said to be leaving S.W.A.T. after the most recent episode aired. A major challenge appeared in the episode, indicating the possibility of Chris taking over the safe house.

If she does, she will be unable to continue her career as a S.W.A.T. officer, the position that drew the audience in. Rest assured, the episode has not confirmed Chris’s decision to leave her team.

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On the other hand, viewers hope that Chris will continue with the S.W.A.T.s. While the internet has gone crazy over Chris’ uncertain future, actress Lina Esco has remained silent on the subject.

Neither the showmakers nor the actress have commented on the events or Chris’s uncertain future. As a result, jumping to the conclusion that Chris is leaving her team is premature; instead, one should wait for another episode to clear up any doubts.

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