Is Paul Biya The Richest Man In Cameroon?

Paul Biya

What is the salary of president Paul Biya? Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon since 1982, is one of Africa’s richest heads of state. Biya has amassed a reported net worth in excess of $200 million.

Biya earns an annual salary of about $22,000 per year. He also receives a sumptuous allowance that amounts to about $1 million dollars annually. As head-of-state for 30 years, Paul Biya has amassed a fortune in excess of $200 million dollars.

Premier Biya’s assets are largely invested in real estate and include hotels in the capital city Yaounde and houses abroad including Paris and Dubai.

He also owns shares in several companies including Telecom Camerouns, the country’s only mobile phone company, where he is the majority shareholder with 51% shareholding.

Who Is Paul Biya

Paul Biya is the President of Cameroon since 1982. Biya has been in power for 36 years now and is the second longest-serving president in Africa. He is often criticized for his authoritarian rule, corruption, and human rights abuses.

He was born on May 16, 1933, in Mvomeka’a with a father who had a reputation as a disciplinarian. He attended school at the prestigious Protestant College of Buea from 1948-1951 with additional studies in Switzerland.

In 1973 he became Prime Minister under President Ahidjo who had been elected to a 7-year term of office which he later extended to 10 years by declaring himself Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Head of State.

Paul Biya Wife

Paul Biya Wife <> on August 5, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Chantal Biya is the first lady of Cameroon and she is married to the president, Paul Biya. Chantal Biya got married to Paul Biya on 23rd April 1994. His wife, Chantal Biya, has been his wife for over 40 years.

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