Is That Mahama’s Daughter? – Ghanaians React To Video Of Lady Who Looks Like Farida Mahama Busily Shaking Her Backside (WATCH)


The lady, who resembles John Dramani Mahama’s daughter Farida Mahama, is seen twerking in the video, and she was heard on social media taking her fans through some dancing lessons and how they can twerk without stress. Since then, the video has sparked numerous debates, especially given that Farida Mahama is a lovely, composed young lady who has only recently turned 18.

Her father, John Mahama, has done everything he can to keep her safe from vile online trolls and social media. Please watch the video and let us know if you think Farida Mahama is in it.

Below are some reactions from Ghanaians.

motoo wrote; ‘Why is she doing this , not everything that fit you ,yes know ur parents personality and leave accordingly. Though she has her freedom of enjoyment yes it true but certain things bind you from certain things.

blakinkphotography wrote; ‘So wat is wrong with it… You know how many times I have done things my parent do not approve of …

klayjunior wrote; ‘Masa make u all commot for there who never fucked up hands in the air sia u are here saying u are disappointed why she be Mary Magdalene 😏’

Watch the video below;


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