Is Tom Holland The New Doctor Who
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Although April 1st has passed, many epic tricks are still being shared on social media.

On April 1st, news broke that Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man, would be the new Doctor Who.

It all started with a bogus story on the DoctorWhoTV website, which broadcasts news about the British sci-fi show.

“25-year-old Tom Holland is to play the Doctor, it was announced by the BBC, Sony Pictures and Bad Wolf today,” the article said.

The highly convincing story described the actor as a “very fresh and modern approach” for the “clean slate reboot” of the show.

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“Holland will make his debut following several specials that will air in 2023 as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations,” it continued.

The article, which appeared at the top of Google and looked incredibly legitimate, was highly compelling… until you read it.

If you didn’t already realise that the whole things an April Fools joke, those fake interviews certainly gave it away.

According to DoctorWhoTV, Tom Holland said: “I’m absolutely ecstatic to be hanging up my webslingers and picking up the sonic. I can’t wait to take a whole new generation on this exciting journey through time and space. I’ll be swinging into action soon!”

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Webslingers? Picking up the sonic? Swinging into action? Tom certainly wouldn’t use these cheesy puns in an official announcement interview.

David Tennant supposedly also said “Yes, it’s true. I’m really back for this one last hurrah just as the rumours said!” whilst Andrew Garfield added: “I am 100% NOT playing the companion.”

The whole thing is all baloney, but it certainly fooled a lot of social media users, many of which wish Tom Holland really was the next Doctor Who.

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