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Janet Owusu: Meet The beautiful Mother Of Jackie Appiah (video)


Janet Owusu, the mother of Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, has become a social media sensation following the release of a video and photos of her.

Jackie Appiah‘s mother appeared online as she prepared to celebrate her daughter’s birthday on Monday, December 5, 2022.

The actress celebrated her 39th birthday with a lavish party in her hometown of Abankro, a small town near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region.

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The birthday celebration was also captured by the beautiful actress’s mother in several videos shared on blogger Nkonkonsa’s Instagram page.

The actress’s mother sat next to her 39-year-old daughter, dressed in a colorful Kente outfit and glasses.

The internet has been ablaze since the images were released, with many drawing parallels between the two.

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Many netizens were seeing Jackie’s mother for the first time, and they took the opportunity to compliment her on looking so young in her old age.

A netizen commented on her photos, saying;

“Mummy is so beautiful, wow that’s her photocopy tho.”

“This woman is still beautiful,” another user added, while another said, “she looks exactly like her mom.”

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