Jay Goldberg obituary: How Dr Jay Goldberg Died?

Jay Goldberg obituary

Jay Goldberg obituary: How Dr Jay Goldberg Died? Dr. Jay Goldberg was a well-known gynecologist and expert in female reproductive health from Beverly Hills, California. Jay’s body was discovered on the Will Rogers State Historic Park hiking trail in Pacific Palisades. The results of an autopsy performed following the tragic incident are still pending. Firefighters and medical personnel were dispatched to a park where Dr. Jay had been hiking and discovered him dead at the scene.

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Jay Goldberg obituary
Jay Goldberg obituary

Jay Goldberg obituary

There is no news on Jay Goldberg obituary however investigations are been made on Jay Goldberg’s cause of death. How old was Dr Jay Goldberg when he died? He was 53 years old when he died. According to reports gathered by xorlali.com, the female reproductive health expert Jay Goldberg had been hiking and strangely ended up dead at the park along the Pacific Palisades.

Dr. Jay Goldberg was pronounced dead on the hiking trail, and the rescue team discovered no initial signs of foul play in the area. The Coroner’s Office later revealed his identity and revealed that he lived in Los Angeles. Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department cited a few agreements from the dispatched firefighters. They responded to the rescue request and were lowered to the location, but Dr. Jay was already dead, with no apparent cause of death.


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