Jonathan Taylor Thomas Biography and Net Worth 2021

Know more about this actor his biography and net worth 2021. Taylor is an American actor, director, and playwright is popularly known for portraying Randy Taylor on Home Improvement. He is also well known for voicing young Simba in Disney, 1994 film, ” The Lion King” and Pinocchio in New Line Cinema’s 1996 film, “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Biography and Net Worth 2021
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Biography and Net Worth

Taylor was born on 8th September 1981 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States. His parents are Stephen Weiss and Claudine Gonsalves. His mother, Claudine is a personal manager and social worker, whereas his father is an industrial sales manager.

Jonathan Taylor graduated high school from the Chaminade College Preparatory School in West Hill, California in 2003. Taylor later enrolled in Harvard University, where he studied philosophy and history and spent his third year abroad at St. Andrews University, Scotland.

He graduated in 2010 from the Columbia University School of General Studies.

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He began his television career in 1990, playing the role of Kelvin Brady, son of Greg Brady on “The Brady’s”. Taylor appeared in many films during and after his run on Home Improvement.

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Taylor had a role as a voice actor in his childhood, some if these films includes Disney’s animated feature, “The Lion King” in which he voiced the protagonist Simba as a cub and Pinocchio in “The Adventure of Pinocchio”.

He also appeared in live-action films from Disney World, which include: “I’ll be home for Christmas”, “Tom and Huck” and “Man of the house”.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Awards and Net worth

Jonathan Taylor has won many awards and nominations. In 1994, he won the Young Artist Award for the category of Outstanding Youth Ensemble in Television Series, ShoWest Convention Awards for the category of Young Star of the Year in 1996. He also won the Young Artist Awards again in 1997 for the category of Best Performance in Voice Cover and Kids Choice Awards in 1998 and 1999. He also got 11 nominations.

Taylor’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $16 million.

Why did Jonathan Taylor Thomas change his name?

A fishing nut that turned into a megastar. It wasn’t long, though, before the fishing nut turned into a serious star. He moved to Los Angeles with his mom and brother, changed his name to Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Thomas being his brother’s middle name, according to TV Guide), and started booking roles.

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What happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas net worth?

Taylor’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $16 million.

Why Jonathan Taylor Thomas disappeared from the spotlight?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas disappeared from the spotlight to pursue his education

What is Jonathan Taylor Thomas ethnicity?

Thomas was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the son of Claudine (born Gonsalves), a personal manager and social worker, and Stephen Weiss, an industrial sales manager. The two divorced in 1991. His uncle is playwright and actor Jeff Weiss. Thomas has Pennsylvania Dutch (German) and Portuguese ancestry.

Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas sing in The Lion King?

The original animated “Lion King” turned 25 this year, and the man who gave young Simba his singing voice is still receiving royalties for his part in the film. While Weaver would do Simba’s singing parts, Jonathan Taylor Thomas would do the speaking voice for the character.

How tall is Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

He stands at 1.65 m

Who are Jonathan Taylor Thomas parents?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born Jonathan Taylor Weiss on September 8, 1981 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to Claudine (Gonsalves) and Stephen Weiss.

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