Jose Mourinho wife

Jose Mourinho is a Portuguese football manager who was born in 1963. He is currently the manager of Manchester United. Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful football managers in history. He has won 20 major trophies, including eight league titles, five FA Cups, and two UEFA Champions Leagues.

Mourinho’s first managerial job was with Benfica in 2000. He led them to victory in the Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal and Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira before he left for Porto in 2002. In his three-year spell at Porto, he won two league titles and another UEFA Champions League before moving to Chelsea where he won another league title and an FA Cup before leaving for Inter Milan after disagreements with owner Roman Abramovich over transfer policy.

Who is Jose Mourinho wife?

Jose Mourinho’s wife is called Matilde Faria. Matilde Faria was born on 14 August 1965 meaning that Matilde Faria’s age as at the time of writing this post is 55. Mourinho met his sweet wife Matilde Faria when they were teenagers in Setubal. They tied the knot in 1989 and have been a couple for 30 years now. According to the football manager, his wife Matilde has been supportive of his career. He went ahead to even reveal how his wife advise him not to take the England deal.

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“Lampard, Terry, Joe Cole, everybody, was saying, ‘Come, come, come.

“My players said, ‘The guys from Manchester United and Liverpool call us and say to us: Tell your boss to come.’ I had lots of positive things to push me.

“My wife told me not to take it and she was right.

“It was the right decision. We are talking about seven years ago … and I cannot wait two years for a big competition. I cannot be spending two years playing against Kazakhstan and San Marino.

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“And she was right. It was not the job for me seven years ago, it’s not the job for me now and I don’t think it will be the job for me in seven years’ time. Maybe in 15 years from now but not seven.”

Mourinho also said of his wife: “The secret in everything is love. If you are successful in any job, I believe it is because you are in love with that job.

“And if you have a successful family it is because people are in love with each other. Love is the basic.”

How many children do they have?

Jose Mourinho and Matilde Faria are blessed with two lovely children called Matilde and  Jose Mario Jr. Matilde is their first born and she was born 1996. The second child who happens to be a son was born in 2000.

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Is Mourinho wife an African?

Matilda Faria Mourinho’s wife is an Angolan-Portuguese born in Angola. However, she grew up in Setúbal, Portugal, where she met the Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho.Matilde Faria was born on 14 August 1965 meaning that Matilde Faria’s age is 55.


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