A junior doctor in one of the renowned hospitals in Ghana has been found wanting after he was assigned to a patient without a senior doctor to help do Pleural Effusion.

A document chanced on by Harrygraphic shows how frustrated the junior doctor had become after not getting a response from the senior doctors over 7 days of putting patient on antibiotics. The request by the junior doctor in the document we found suggests he has been asking for help to be able to carry out his duty but to no avail. He stated that there was no senior doctor assigned to his team hence putting the lives of the patients in danger.

In an investigation carried out on this Government hospital, the team found out how this particular doctor was frustrated out of House job in a conversation with a Junior doctor who worked there at the time. “This Doctor was my friend, a very brilliant doctor who began having anxiety attacks eventually because of constant frustrations, I together with some of my colleagues were planted to set the doctor up and retrieve information from this doctor to continue the frustrations, I didn’t have an option, I had to choose between my carrier and that of my colleague doctor, my conscience hasn’t sat right with me since”, he confessed.

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Is it true that the Registrar of the Medical and Dental council has never been available in the past year to deal with these particular issues? Could he be aiding and abetting? Well, we will never truly know. But what happens to the future generation of doctors in Ghana and in effect the lives of patients? What if one of you ended up sick in a system like this?

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This particular patient was said to have disappeared from the hospital with a chest tube in his chest and nobody followed up. Whether he is dead or alive nobody knows.
Will this doctor ever be able to practice again? If yes, who compensates for all the time lost? Will the law ever catch up with these specialists and medical officers who in my opinion do not deserve to hold a medical license in Ghana? Or will the power play continue to jeopardize the lives of patients.

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See document below;

Junior Doctor Wanted After Senior Doctor Abandon Him And His Patient

Stay tuned we will bring you updates on the corrupted health system in Ghana.


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