Katie Price Before And After Veneers


Katie Price is an English model, businesswoman, author, designer and media figure. However, she first rose to prominence in 1996 as a glamour model, with regular appearances on Page 3 of the British tabloid The Sun under the moniker Jordan.

Does Katie Price wear veneers?

Does Katie wear veneers? Yes, she wear veneers. Katie made a joke about the state of her teeth. As she sat in a dental chair, she stated to the camera, “I love it when you talk nasty to me.”

Katie Price horrified as fake teeth fall out just weeks after getting  veneers – leaving her with 'Bond villain' fangs
Katie Price Before And After Veneers

For years, the reality star has been on a search for the perfect smile, and her first set of teeth left her with ulcers and unable to speak in 2017

Katie, who is famed for her megawatt smile, videotaped the operation and wasn’t hesitant to reveal how the veneers were attached to her teeth, which had been shaved down to pegs.

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Why did Katie Price get veneers?

Katie Price Before And After Veneers

Katie explained that she had veneers placed on her teeth because she had cracked them as a youngster, rather than for cosmetic reasons. Porcelain dental veneers are a fantastic way to fix discolored, damaged, or misaligned teeth.

Additionally, it provides patients with straight, natural-looking grins. Many people, including Katie, feel that getting a beautiful smile requires a big financial expenditure.

How did Katie Price lose her teeth?

Katie said that she was knocked out by her brother’s skateboard and has had to live with veneers ever since, adding, ‘If I could alter one thing about myself, it would be my own teeth.’

Does Katie Price have body dysmorphia?

Katie Price Shares Terrifying Photo Of Her Real Teeth Without Veneers
Katie Price Before And After Veneers

Does Katie Price have body dysmorphia? Katie has undergone a number of surgeries in the past, and some have chastised her for the amount of work she has done.

She told Good Morning Britain: “I’m not addicted, but it’s out there and if I feel like I need to freshen it I would. If people want to say I’ve got body dysmorphia, just say it – even my mum says it, ‘You need to see somebody! You’re not normal in the head, are you?”.

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