Ken Griffin Net Worth


What Is Ken Griffin Net Worth? Founder and CEO of Citadel, an alternative investment firm based in the United States, Ken Griffin has an estimated net worth $27.3 billion. This net worth is according to research and findings made by Forbes.

Ken Griffin is believed to have donated $45 million to community initiatives in cities such as Chicago and Miami. He has also given out about $1.3 billion to philanthropic causes that “expand access to high-quality education at every level, advance medical research, reduce recidivism and violent crime,” and more.

Griffin was a student of Harvard University and he graduated with an A.B. in Economics. It’s was after graduation he started his business that in 1987.

Citadel was established because, Kenneth C. Griffin “believed that the combination of extraordinary personnel, advanced quantitative analytics, and cutting-edge technology would provide consistent, strong long-term performance.”

The company grew and expand with with new establishment that’s the Citadel Securities. The Citadel Securities has over 1,600 clients and “advocated for and created more open, transparent, competitive and resilient markets, both in the US and abroad.”


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