Kieran Hayler Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children, Height

Kieran Hayler Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children, Height. Kieran Hayler was born in the UK. He is an actor from Britain who has been in a number of movies.

“Argumental,” “Loose Women,” and “All-Star Family Fortunes” are all movies that Kieran Hayler has made.

Kieran Hayler is well-known because he used to be married to the famous model Katie Price. Hayler is not well-liked in the media because he is a cheating husband, and his cheating is well-known.

Hayler’s reputation has taken a big hit because of rumors about his extramarital affairs and flings. Hayler is trying so hard to fix his bad reputation.

Kieran Hayler Age: How Old Is Kieran Hayler?

On March 22, 1987, Kieran Hayler was born. He was born in the United Kingdom, in Guildford.

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Kieran Hayler Parents: Who Is Wendy Hayler?

Wendy Hayler had a baby boy named Kieran Hayler. We know nothing about his father.

Who is Lyanne Hayler, Kieran Hayler’s sister?

Kieran Hayler grew up with Lyanne Hayler, who is also his sister. Kieran’s sister Lyanne is someone he grew up with. But we don’t know much about her.

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Kieran Hayler Wife: Is Kieran Hayler Married?

From 2013 to 2021, Kieran Hayler was married to Katie Price. The relationship ended, and Kieran now lives with his two kids. It’s not clear if Kieran has fallen in love with someone else. Katie, on the other hand, has talked about how hard it is for her not to live with her kids.

Kieran Hayler Children: Who Are Bunny Hayler and Jett Riviera Hayler?

Kieran has two kids with his ex-wife Katie Price. Bunny Hayler and Jett Riviera Hayler are their names. In August 2014, Bunny Hayler was born. Bunny was born too soon, so a C-section was needed to get her out. In 2014, Jett Riviera Hayler was born. After their parents split up, the children are said to be living with their father.

Kieran Hayler Height: How Tall Is Kieran Hayler?

Kieran stands at 1.83m.

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