Kris Jenner pressures daughter Kendall, 26, to have a baby or freeze her eggs

Kris Jenner has told her daughter Kendall Jenner that she should have a baby or freeze her eggs if she isn’t ready. Kendall Jenner is Kris Jenner’s only child who does not have a child. Kris, 66, sat Kendall, 26, down for a conversation about childbirth in the most recent episode of The Kardashians.

She told Kendall it was “time to have a baby”.

Kendall responded that she wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Kris said: “I was just thinking maybe it’s time to, you know, have a baby.”

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Kendall tells her mother: “You keep telling me ‘you’re not getting any younger’ but guess what mom? It’s my life.”

Kendall adds: “I don’t know if I am ready yet!”

Kris replied: “Let me tell you a little fun fact: When you were born, I made your body inside my body.

“So, I made your eggs inside of me, that means I made your eggs. Every year that goes by your eggs go down a little bit.”

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Kris then goes on to call Kendall’s doctor to ask about egg freezing.

The doctor said: “It would be a good time to freeze eggs. Listen, the younger you are the better the quality.”

Kris then tells Kendall following the call: “Alright. Well, I think we are unanimous. Have a baby!”

Kendall laughs and says, “no.”

In her confessional, Kendall said: “I still have a lot I need to figure out before I can, like, welcome a child into my life.

“I’m still enjoying life on my own and I’m okay with that right now.”

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Viewers have taken to Twitter to call out Kris for putting pressure on Kendall.


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