Kumawood Actress Yaa Jackson Gives Birth To A Baby Boy [Video]

Yaa Jackson

Yaa Jackson, a Ghanaian teen actress, singer, and socialite has safely delivered after hiding her pregnancy from the internet until lately when she could no longer hide her baby bump.

The actress, who had been out of the spotlight for some time, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her absence from the media and the film industry is apparently due to the delivery.

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Yaa Jackson, the controversial actress, and singer is said to have personally shared the good news on her Snapchat account.

The artist had posted a video of herself singing one of her songs on her social media accounts. Yaa is shown in the film, scantily dressed, with her exposed breast fastened by a little clasp.

According to careful watchers of the video, Yaa appears a little fuller than usual, which sparked all the rumors. A variety of opinions flooded the comment area, but a couple quickly caught my notice, as one person remarked she appears pregnant.

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However, another individual arrived to report that woman appears to have had an abortion. To put an end to the controversy, one netizen revealed Yaa’s current situation.


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