Kwame Despite biography, net worth – complete 2021


Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is a high-level businessman with a great background in music creation and knows the broadcasting sector like his palm’s back.


Osei Kwame was born in the Agona Wiamoase region of Ashanti on 2nd February 1962 and is one of Ghana’s most successful, wealthiest businesspeople.

Kwame Despite biography

He began to live as a small merchant in Dunkwa offinso selling music cassettes, padlocks, food bottles. After years of a terrible struggle, he joined other friends in Lagos, Nigeria to search for better pastures.

In 1983 he returned to Ghana with millions of other Ghana exiles who, due to political tensions in the West African country, have been compelled to depart Nigeria. He returned with only a chain-saw machine and a trident tape player from Nigeria.

He began a wood contracting company with the chainsaw but fate gave him terrible hand when the machine on his first trip was destroyed by a falling tree. He turned undeterredly to the trading in his tape, till he decided to strengthen his vision in order to broaden his business.


Despite is a passionate and devoted Christian. He has invested in radio and other billions, including salt mining. Kwame Despite worships in the branch of the Pentecost church in Accra New Town. He is a member of and enjoys playing soccer in the Achimota Keep Fit club. The left-wing is his favorite place.

kwame despite
Kwame Despite biography


Despite being a trading corporation and its media subsidiary company, Osei Kwame owns the country’s largest, most popular Fm, OKAY FM station, NEAT FM both on Accra and on HELLO FM in Kumasi, as well as PEACE FM, which is the largest and most popular FM station.

Osei-Kwame set up NEAT FOODS LTD, which processes our local plantain, cocoyam, maize, and palm fruits such as Neat Fufu, which has become a reference to the traditional fufu.

He also owns a manufacturing company ANTONA FOODS LTD, producing the ever-popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavors including the Motherlac cereal for children. Despite is a co-founder of a Salt mining company, U2 Salt, which is located at Winneba.

Together with his partner, Osei-Kwame co-founded the UTV, the country’s leading TV channel.

Kwame Despite biography

He is co-founder and vice president of one of the country’s leading financial institutions, Best Point Savings and Loan Ltd.

Dr. Osei-Kwame, an unreputed businessman, has been awarded many prestigious awards including an Honorary Docteur in Human Resources from Canterbury University, Honorary Ambassador of the Entrepreneurs of Business in West Afrique (ambassador), and Honorary Man of Canterbury University for his insight into the creation of jobs for the unemployed and relentless promotion of Ghanaian culture.

In 2013, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry, awarded him the Best Entrepreneur for Multimedia.

Kwame Despite Net worth 2021

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is said to be worth $1 million

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