This article is all about the formal wife of the legend Australia Golf Player, Greg Norman. She is the person of Laura Andrassy. Laura was born in the year 1963, in the United State, who is welly known as the Ex-wife of Greg Norman. 

Laura Andrassy Family

 Andrassy father’s name is Julius Andrassy, and her mother’s name is Laurabell Grace Gillen Andrassy. Dr Richard Andrassy and Morgan Leigh Norman are her siblings. 

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Who is Greg Norman first wife Laura Andrassy?

She married to Greg Norman. They first got into dating for some period of time before getting married. After several years of dating, the pair got married in July 1981. Gregory Norman, and Morgan Leigh Norman, were their blessed children. Since not all marriages do last for long, the couple devoiced. 

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career and net worth

Andrassy still hasn’t told the media about her professional background, thus neither her earnings nor her net worth have been reported. A portion of the money she received in the divorce settlement and alimony. It was one of the most costly divorces in history and received $103,000.000 as part of the divorce settlement. 


I would have brought a lot about Andrassy but once she has not made a lot about her to the public, I would also discuss the little she has, also, considering her personal life information, the above mentioned info would be enough a about her.   


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