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Lila Downs Children: Who Is Benito Dxuladi Cohen?


Lila Downs is a famous singer and songwriter from Mexico. She is best known for the many songs she has written.

Lila Downs plays her own music and the music of others in a variety of styles. She also plays traditional and popular Mexican music.

Lila Downs was born in Tlaxiaco, Mexico, on September 9, 1968. Allen Downs and Anita Sanchez are her parents. Lila Downs hasn’t said anything about her brothers and sisters.

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Lila Downs Children: Who Is Benito Dxuladi Cohen?

Meet Benito Dxuladi Cohen, one of the children of Lila Downs. Benito Dxuladi Cohen is Lila Downs’s son, and his mother’s name is Downs. He is just a small child who is still growing. His parents haven’t told the public much about him.

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Who is Lila Downs husband?

Paul Cohen is Lila Downs’ husband. He was a musician who worked with Lila Downs and died in 2004.

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