maha ayew

Maha Ayew is the mother of black star captain Dede Ayew and striker Jordan Ayew. She is also the wife of Ghanaian football legend Abedi Pele Ayew.

Maha is a mother, businesswoman, wife, director, and also a shareholder of Ghanaian football club F.C Nania.

Jordan Ayew’s mother Maha Ayew was born on 10th August 1968. She is currently 54 years old.

Since the Qatar World Cup began many Ghanaians have been itching to see more of the beautiful lady who brought handsome and skilled players into the world.

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As a result of that has compiled beautiful and stunning photos of Maha Ayew

Who is Maha Ayew

Maha Ayew is the sweet wife of Abedi Pele. For the past 34 years, Maha has been married to Abedi Ayew ‘Pele.’ The couple married in 1987 and recently celebrated thirty years of marriage in 2017. During one of the football seasons in Marseille, France, the legendary Ghanaian footballer met his wife. From that point forward, Abedi has been of Lebanese descent. The thirty-four-year marriage has also produced great footballers.

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Jordan Ayew, Andre Dede Ayew, and Imani Ayew are their children, with Rahim being a son from Abedi’s previous marriage. The Ayew sons all followed in their father’s footsteps and played football, with Dede and Jordan representing Ghana Black Stars.


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