Marilyn Monroe House: Who Lives In Marilyn Monroe’s House Right Now?

Marilyn Monroe House

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic celebrities in Hollywood. She was a famous actress, model, and singer. Today, we are going to talk about her house and the current resident of this house.

Marilyn Monroe House

Marilyn Monroe House

Who lives in Marilyn Monroe’s house right now? Marilyn Monroe’s former home is currently occupied by an art dealer and his family. A Marilyn Monroe imposter currently resides in the Hollywood Hills home that the famed beauty once rented for herself. Jasmine Chiswell, 27, has lived in the four-bedroom, four-bathroom property since the beginning of 2019 when she and her husband paid $2.73 million for it.

Is Marilyn Monroe’s house still exist?

Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose in her bedroom early on August 5, 1962, six months after purchasing the house. The house was listed for $6.9 million in 2017 and eventually sold for $7.25 million.

Who inherited Marilyn Monroe’s house?

Mizrahi gained 75% of Monroe’s estate, giving her complete authority over the likeness of the Hollywood legend. It also allowed her to profit from the estate.


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