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Studio 54 owner Mark Fleischman dies by assisted suicide

Mark Fleischman, the legendary nightclub Studio 54’s owner, committed suicide in Switzerland. After becoming ill in 2016, Fleischman, 82, was unable to walk and his speech was impaired.

Mark Fleischman Bio

Mark Fleischman co-owned the New York nightclub Studio 54, which opened in 1977 and attracted celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli, and Elizabeth Taylor.

When the two original owners were arrested for tax evasion in 1980, he took over the business. Daniel Fitzgerald, his former business partner, told the outlet that while he and Fleischman co-owned the restaurant, they “worked really well together for a long time and had a lot of fun together.”

He continued: “[Fleischman] would be able to have fun but be really smart at the same time and be really intelligent about figuring things out. He taught me a lot. He was a great mentor for me.”

Studio 54 was owned by Fleischman and Fitzgerald until 1984 when it was sold to new owners, who closed it two years later. Inside Studio 54, a tell-all about the extravagant and wild parties that took place during Fleischman’s time there was published in 2017.

While running the nightclub, Fleischman became involved in the world of drugs and sex, and when asked which drugs he used, he simply stated, “I did it all.” His girlfriend and a good friend intervened at the time, telling Fleischman he needed to get help.

Mark Fleischman Obituary

Fitzgerald told BBC News: “I guess he was in more pain than we knew.”

Fitzgerald had organized a living wake for Fleischman and begged him not to go.

“I thought maybe we could convince him not to [go],” he said. “We had a really nice party for him and a lot of his friends came, and everyone thought, ‘he’s going to postpone it a month and we’ll see what we can do.’ But he was set on doing it.”

Fleischman spoke with the New York Post less than a month before his death to explain why he was moving forward with assisted suicide.

“I can’t walk, my speech is f–ked up and I can’t do anything for myself,” Fleischman told The Post.

“My wife helps me get into bed and I can’t dress or put on my shoes. I am taking a gentle way out. It is the easiest way out for me.”

Mark Fleischman wife

Who was Mark Fleischman’s wife? Mimi Leonard Fleischman is the wife of Mark Fleischman. Mimi Leonard Fleischman had two children from a previous relationship. The name of Mimi Leonard Fleischman children are Adam and Juliet. However, she is not the first wife as Mark once married Laurie Lister.

Mark Fleischman net worth

Mark Fleischmann is the legendary nightclub Studio 54’s owner who has a net worth of $13 Million.


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