Meet Setor, The Beautiful Lady Representing Volta Region At GMB 2021


Ghana’s Most Beautiful(GMB 2021), a Tv3 entertainment competition program that defines the rich culture and beauty of Africa especially Ghana. The competition is organized for only ladies and also educates and defines who we are and how our culture is. Each region in the country is represented by a person.

Ewes, the people in the Volta Region have the most beautiful, hardworking, and intelligent ladies in terms of cultural display.

Despite COVID-19, the organizers of GMB are still at work to select the rightful persons from each Region to represent the rich culture of their Region respectively.

Setor Abra Norgbey, known by many as Setor comes from Ziavi Dzogbe in the Volta Region. She was born in Koforidua but grew up in Accra, where she got her basic education from the University of Ghana Primary School(UPS). From there, she continued to OLA Girls Senior High School in Ho, where she studied General Science.

As a young woman with a deep interest in seeing people at their best, coupled with her passion for health and wellness, she went on to study medicine at the Universidad De Cencias Mèdicas in Havana, Cuba. And graduated as a Medical Doctor in 2020.

This will facilitate her desire to contribute her quota in helping others rise to the best versions of themselves through her contributions to the medical sector. And seeing as mental health does not receive the needed attention it should, she decided to become an advocate to create awareness and offer support to anyone with a mental health challenge.

Thus, Dr. Setor Abra Norgbey is a mental health advocate with the passion to see others at their best. And she does this through her mental health advocacies. Away from all the serious stuff, during her free time, Setor chooses to enjoy the quietness and plunge deep into the world of books; reading, and writing.

At other times she enjoys watching movies or listening to music. Setor is a proud Tuesday born who loves to have fun and engage in meaningful activities.

Setor Norgbey won the star performer last week with a returning presentation on how herbal and orthodox medicine can be used to treat and manage mental illnesses.

Consequently, it shocked no one when she won the star performer award. According to Setor Abra Norgbe, hiding from reality when peril approaches is the best portrayal of how mental health issues are taken care of in our networks.

She brought up that legends and confusions encompassing the health condition are accomplishing more mischief than anything. Setor clarified that dysfunctional behaviors like gloom and uneasiness ought not to be ascribed to curses or the otherworldly activities of baneful creatures.

These are perceived medical problems that can be treated with natural and conventional medications regulated in their legitimate dosages.

“We are not saying that traditional medicine is bad. Have we ever wondered about the emotional trauma and turmoil that families go through because their relatives have been wrongly accused of witchcraft? Unknowingly we create another mental illness for the society.”

Dressed as a chief priestess, Setor called for proper diagnosis, treatment, and management of mental disorders. She maintained that our herbal medicines can be improved to provide cures with minimal side effects.

“So as I pour libation to the ancient gods of old and believe in my cowries for answers, I will work hand in hand with the orthodox medical practitioners to provide safe and comprehensive healthcare for my people. Taking advantage of the modern tools that are available to them, for research, diagnosis, and treatment,” she continued. 


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