Meet Tim Willcox New Wife That Ditched Him

Meet Tim Willcox New Wife That Dumped Him

BBC newsreader, Tim Willcox has been ditched by his new wife Najah al-Otaibi just two years after getting married.

Tim Willcox New Wife Najah al-Otaibi is a 40 years Saudi Arabian political analyst. The two couples got married in 2019.

He met Najah when she was working in London as a senior analyst for a Washington-based think-tank.

The couple was first photoed together at Royal Ascot in June 2019.

According to MailOnline: “She’s divorcing him. It’s very acrimonious.”

Sources have it that Tim Willcox New Wife wants a divorce from the BBC newsreader.

Tim was in the news after news about his relationship with Sophie Long hit online. He was at her wedding to yacht company sales director Will Green in Cornwall in 2010.

A former member of the British Youth Orchestra, Tim even serenaded the bride and groom with his trumpet.

But eventually, an office romance developed between Tim Willcox and Sophie Long who later left her husband two years later.

After the office romance, Tim asked his wife, Sarah of 17 years, and the mother of his four children for divorce. His reason has been that he had fallen for Sophie.

But he and Sophie later split after the lothario was linked with another blonde, Tessa Hardy, the estranged wife of telecoms multi-millionaire Warren Hardy.


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