Melinda Gates Net worth 2022


Melinda Gates is the ex wife of world richest man Bill Gates. Melinda Gates and her ex husband co founded Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Now that we know who Melinda is how let’s look at how much money she has.

The net worth of Melinda Gates according to sources is estimated to be$70 billion. This money she makes from the Bill and foundations.

However it’s believe that after her divorce with the Microsoft founder, Bill Gates is complete she will resign in the future.

This is from the CEO Mark Suzman;

“They’ve agreed that if after two years, one of them decides they can’t work together any longer, Melinda will leave as co-chair and trustee,” he stated in a message acquired by the New York Times.

He acknowledged that if that happens, Melinda “will get personal resources from Bill for her charity efforts.”


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