Mike Hickmon Cause of Death

Coach Mike tragically died on August 13, 2022.   Yaqub Talib, a former NFL player, and North Dallas United coach shot SouthEast Dallas Wolverines football coach Mike Hickmon. He and his brother Aqib Talib led the team. Officials from the local fire department performed CPR on their way out of the scene.

His brother is NFL cornerback Aqib Talib. Although official sources have not confirmed this, whoever shot and killed Coach Mike will face serious consequences. He was also well-known in the law enforcement community due to the multiple charges filed against him in 2011 and 2012. Even after that, he was shot and required hospitalization to recover from the wound fully.

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Talib and coach Hickmon are at odds in a viral social media video. The video then cuts to gunshots, which cause serious injury. When they heard gunfire, the athletes on the field ran for cover. Early evidence suggests that Aqib did not murder the coach, according to witnesses. Yaqub, wearing a black hoodie, is thought to have fired the shots.

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Mike Hickmon Cause of Death: What Happened To Mike Hickmon?

Last night’s little league football game in Lancaster, Texas resulted in the brutal death of Coach Hickmon. Often, adults sabotage children’s experiences. Unfortunately, neither a member of Mike Hickmon’s family nor a close friend has made any public comments about the funeral arrangements.


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