Meet Magi Salah Mo Salah Wife
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Mohamed Salah is a footballer who plays for Liverpool and the Egyptian national team. Mo Salah is also known for his beautiful wife, Magi Salah.

Meet Magi Salah Mo Salah Wife
Mo Salah

Mohamed Salah was born on 15th June 1992 in Basyoun, Egypt. He is one of the most expensive players in the world with a transfer value of £34 million. He has been playing football since he was just six years old and has had many achievements at the international level.

In 2011, Mohamed Salah played for the Arab Contractors in Egypt before joining El Mokawloon in 2012. In 2013, he joined Fiorentina and helped them get promoted to Serie A before transferring to AS Roma where he played for two seasons before moving to Liverpool FC in 2017 where he currently plays as a winger.

Meet Magi Salah Mo Salah Wife
Meet Magi Salah Mo Salah Wife

Who is Mohamed Salah wife?

Is Mo Salah married? Mohamed Salah wife is known as Magi Sadeq. Mo Salah met his wife at school when they lived in the Egyptian village of Basion Gharbia. Mo Salah got married in 2013 in Nagrig, a village in Egypt. Despite keeping a low profile in comparison to many other wives and girlfriends (she doesn’t appear to be active on social media), Magi can occasionally be seen at her husband’s matches, cheering him on from the sidelines.

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Magi and Mo have two daughters together, Makka, 7, and Kayan, 1, and both appear to be extremely doting parents; during the lockdown last year, Mo shared an Instagram post with older daughter Makka helping him train at home in the back garden.

Is Mo Salahs wife Egyptian?

She was born in the Egyptian province of Gharbia, as Maji Mohammed Sadiq. She is from the same village as her husband, Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly popularly known as Mo Salah.

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What is Mohamed Salah wife age?

Mohamed Salah wife age is 27 years and she has a twin sister named Mohab.

How old is Mo Salah?

29 years old

Who is Mo Salah’s partner?

Mo Salah’s partner is Magi Sadeq.

How long has Mo Salah been married?

Mo Salah been married since 2013 and are blessed with two kids Makka, 7, and Kayan, 1

How did Mo Salah meet his wife?

Magi Sadeq was a classmate of Salah throughout her primary and junior years. Their love stories began from school times. Magi and Salah started dating very young.

What is Mohamed Salah’s daughters name?

Mohamed Salah’s daughters name is Makka Salah.

What is Mohamed Salah real name?

Mohamed Salah real name is Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly

When did Salah get married?

Salah got married on 17th December 2013

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