Moment Lady Went For A Date With 18 Friends To Finish A Guy 'KwataKwata', Watch Her Reaction After The Guy Refused To Pay For The Bills
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One of the recent social media trending topics involves a woman going out on a date with an unbelievable 18 friends. This woman had the guts to go on a date that the guy had only invited her and 18 other people on, and it ended up being a sticky situation when he wouldn’t foot the bill. Social media users are reacting strongly to this and finding it difficult to understand why a woman would act in such a way toward a man who has shown an interest in her.

Some reactions from social media users are;

@AShonariwo – Is she playing? Even Barcelona cannot pay for there food.

@youngcephas – How did the 18 people go to the party though; because 4 Uber rides won’t contain them all

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@alexbaze – This thing no hard dem for do party for house friends go cook rice and moi moi, make smoothies, fry fish and meat, prepare zobo, the guy friends go do Asun, roast small Billy goat 🐐, dem go use sound system they blast 💥 jamz everybody go happy

@ZOsondu – I can’t even take any friend along with me when hanging out with my man and here someone came with 18😩😩😩😩

@Bigbadwolfd1st – I don’t have a problem with giving y’all a treat if I can afford it at the location choosen… But don’t surprise me like that please, let me know so I come intentional and prepared fgs! 🤣 I’d let y’all order first then leave y’all and bounce. Una go mop tire!

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@searchme_deep – 18 Nah. I don’t believe anyone can be this ~entitled~ confident in her man.
It must have been love.

Watch the video below;

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