Morghan Medlock: Why Lil Wayne Sued By His Chef?

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Morghan Medlock, Lil Wayne’s former cook, is suing him for $500,000, claiming that the musician fired her illegally because she needed to care for her injured son.

Morghan Medlock: Why Lil Wayne Sued By His Chef?

According to a recent lawsuit, Lil Wayne abruptly fired his personal chef after she left him in Vegas to deal with a serious family matter.

Lil Wayne, 40, was wrongfully fired, subjected to retaliation, and engaged in numerous illegal labor practices during his more than a year-long employment with the musician, all because she went to help her injured son.

Medlock stated in court documents that she joined the Lollipop artist, who threw a Weezy Christmas bash at a Dave & Buster’s for 150 youths over the weekend in New Orleans, in Las Vegas during the Memorial Day weekend as the rapper’s chef. She claims she was simply going about her business, which included preparing all of LW’s meals.

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Medlock obviously wanted to get back to Los Angeles as soon as possible after learning that his son had suffered a head injury. However, Wayne and company are accused of delaying the flight. She boarded another flight to attend to her injured son.

She was fired in violation of California law because it is illegal to fire someone for missing work to care for a sick or injured child, and she is suing Wayne for at least $500,000.

Who Is Morghan Medlock?

Morghan Medlock has a Culinary Arts Diploma and is a professionally trained chef. She was the personal chef for rapper Lil Wayne.

Morghan, Lil Wayne’s former cook, is suing him for $500,000 in damages. Medlock began working with Lil Wayne in October 2020 and was tasked with organizing his “menus daily to satisfy his special needs,” according to reports.

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According to court documents, her responsibilities “included, but were not limited to, the purchase and preparation of each meal, organizing the projected number of meals to prepare, as well as meeting others’ demands and requests,” she said, adding that she was “on call” the majority of the time.

Medlock told the court that her 10-year-old son was hospitalized in Los Angeles with a “serious head injury and concussion requiring emergency hospitalization” while she was on the trip.

According to Medlock, Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., allegedly delayed the departure of the return flight by consuming marijuana inside the plane. In this case, the celebrity’s former chief is being asked for at least $500,000.

Why did Lil Wayne fire Medlock?

Medlock’s job was terminated at the time, and she claimed that members of the rapper’s entourage repeatedly asked her if she was leaving, to which she responded that she wasn’t.

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Medlock stated that after caring for her family, she attempted to return to her job with the musician, but was given “the cold shoulder.”

According to TMZ, Medlock claimed that a member of Lil Wayne’s crew texted her “an ungraceful goodbye message” before she was formally let go.

She claimed Lil Wayne texted her, telling her to “tell Chef Morghan this isn’t going to work,” and accused him of “conduct with a serious component and causing harm to her, including but not limited to loss of earnings and other employment, benefits, mental anguish, and emotional distress.’”

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