Most Effective Homemade Facial Hair Removal Masks

We know what a hassle the fact that facial hair is so visible is, and it is also hard to disagree that they can help make or break your look. Women have to deal with facial hair just like men do. But to some, facial hair can be a cause of embarrassment.

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Wondering if there is an easier way to actually remove the annoying hair rather than to tediously visit a salon every now and then and shell out the bucks? You are in luck because there actually are plenty of ways that are genuinely effective in getting rid of them – and they are all-natural. Read on to find 7 miracle recipes that are just the answer to your facial hair removal woes.

  1. Lemon honey mask
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The potent lemon juice with honey mixed with it in the form of a mask can help you get rid of the facial hair on your face. The juice works as a deeply cleansing as well as an exfoliating agent, while the honey aids in softening the fine hair because of its hydrating and moisturizing qualities.

You need 1 tablespoon of some freshly squeezed lemon juice along with 4 tablespoons of honey. Mix them together to form the mask. Apply to the regions required in the direction of hair growth. Let the mask sit on the face for 10 – 15 minutes, or until you feel your face feeling tight. Gently wipe away with a warm washcloth.

  1. Coffee baking soda mask
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The powerful combination of some coffee and baking soda will break down the hair follicles present on your face, and thus remove such unwanted hair rather easily. Just take 2 tablespoons of ground instant coffee and 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl. Mix in 3 tablespoons of water till it forms a thick paste. (Pro tip: you can also use some coconut oil in its place if it is irritating to your skin). Apply and rub this paste on your face gently for 5 minutes in a circular motion. Wipe it away with a wet tissue or simply wash off with normal water. 

  1. Egg and corn flour face packRNxtFoYPjQNd30BnB ftSfHTbxzCtYbRMXi2CiCUGrA7GeWlvd5SKS4c Yi Uxd1lfsEj21FrGfNBmcg jhZaexTWJ1pjKLentJIvUk sZtJLZNKKMs

This is a great combination to remove not just the facial hair, but also the impurities present in your skin. Whisk the white of the egg with a tablespoon of cornflour until it makes a fine paste. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Once it has dried, wash it off with water with your fingertips. For the best results, apply this mask three or four times a week.

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Oranges and lemons are both potent citrus fruits, and thus known for their ability to remove any unsightly hair present on the face. The added oatmeal creates a hair-destroying exfoliant, while the olive oil deeply moisturizes the skin. Blitz the peels of an orange and a lemon into a powder form, and add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal to it. Mix in 2 teaspoons of olive oil until it forms a paste, and then apply to the skin gently in a massaging motion. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. You can repeat it 2-3 times every week.

  1. Oatmeal and honey face packxDPHBEZd6gvueUBj4besi8RpVEOUF3lO6Vs3RZoaIbd2Y1SrYZJR5pe6zXJGnvOK1Wpn51fOit2Gi8LKLpzs0uLS4EpSGBTCx6cAqOrlfGhKdxHdrUgcjr9t 6 NUymKxgT3gp7WqAXXhUK7os XKF6DEWuE4cJPS MUXjJGiJT6K RR10mf3LEC34tkLA
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A face mask consisting of oatmeal and honey will remove the unwanted hair on your face while also locking in moisture. Just mix 1 tablespoon of oatmeal along with 1 tablespoon of honey so that it makes a grainy paste. Apply the mixture to your face and let it set in for 15-20 minutes. Rub it for some time in a light circular motion of your hands. Wash it off with water before patting your face dry. You can start by using this face mask daily, before slowly reducing it to 3-4 times a week.

  1. Masoor dal (red lentil) and milk face pack0oxJRzaqSZCN3hQwvn74ZJnmfdRe9Alzwk7S03I6ZrqrFWmL8pyMtVQllzC4EdukRV3BviGFVOq4ZFkc9Oc0A34iKe0LA On5hcvHs7YzAW

This face pack helps to remove hair on the face and provides a nice glowing skin. Soak 1 tablespoon of masoor dal in 2 tablespoonfuls of boiled milk overnight. In the morning grind the lentils and make a grainy paste. Apply this pack on your face, leave for 20 minutes and then start scrubbing it off with your hands in a light circular motion. You can damp your fingertips with water if needed. Finally, wash off with water and pat dry. Use this pack 3 times a week for best results.

  1. Alum and rosewater face maskWHV5jgwf9Pr0eOGjqphLv9tF4PUFNL1dgBqsgxKjwjQO4rbunEPpJYupHAMmW7 rVXsdyFCV Rblfocxe eVB41HQH Zx

Take 1 teaspoon of alum powder and mix it along with 1 tablespoon of rosewater until it forms a paste. Apply this mask onto your face with a cotton pad or ball. Ensure that you leave the eye area out. Let the mixture sit for 2 minutes. Then repeat the applying of this mask once again to have one more layer. Continue the layering process for 20-30 minutes. Then finally, wash the mask off with some cold water while rubbing your face with the hands. This face pack is extremely effective in reducing facial hair and can be used 3 or 4 times per week.

You can resort to bleaching your face or waxing if you want to get rid of them entirely. But since these methods of facial hair removal can come with their own side-effects, it is better to stick to natural alternatives for achieving just that while also improving your skin.

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