Mother Beats 20-Year-Old Daughter For Refusing To Marry A 40-Year-old Businessman Who Returned From the US


A mother who was upset that she had missed the chance to marry off her daughter to an American businessman attacked the girl for turning down the offer. After the 20-year-old daughter refused to get married to a man who had just returned from the United States of America, her allegedly avaricious mother beat her.

The woman reportedly blocked the man on WhatsApp because she believed he was in his 40s and ineligible for marriage, according to a report by Ghbase. Her mother encouraged her to remove the obstruction and beat the woman after she complained. The woman was reported by this man.

She claimed that she had intended to speak to the media about her mother’s brutal assault on her but was prevented from doing so because her mother threatened to have her thrown out of the house. She eventually had to leave the house, though, for her safety, and move in with a friend.


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