My mother was ready to sell everything to see me succeed – Mr. Agyare new MD of Vienna City tells DKB


Mr. Gabriel Nana Kwame Agyare the Managing Director of Vienna City in an interview, disclosed that his mother was ready to sell everything to see him succeed.

Mr. Agyare recalled his humble beginnings as a janitor at his father’s lodge to eventually becoming the manager in the interview dubbed “The Vim Series.” He is now the Managing Director of one of the country’s largest entertainment and hospitality companies.

“Growing up was a roller-coaster, as a child everything was smooth, didn’t have much to be bothered about, but as I grew into an adult, things at home became difficult, that was when my parents decided to transform our home into a ten bedroom lodge and for me, that was the genesis of my love for hospitality industry.” He Said.

Mr. Agyare has had his share of setbacks and disappointments on his journey to the top. “Because of my voice and love of music, my father had always wanted me to be a presenter, but I was unable to do it.” Due to my failure in Mathematics, enrolling in tertiary was still another challenge for me.” I attempted to rewrite the paper once again, but failed. I got into the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) to pursue a BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management on my second attempt.”

“The fees was in dollars thinking of how we would be able to afford it was when my mum told me she is ready to sell everything she had to see me succeed. Hearing this from my mum was the motivation I needed to make it. My mother’s encouragement was what was pushing me to make it and I felt that I owed her and I didn’t want to disappoint her.” He added.

“The Vim Series” is an interview based series with successful people in society where they share their stories to give the aspiring youth the “Vim” to also make it in life. The show is hosted by DKB.


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