Nigel Gaisie Biography
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Nigel Gaisie Biography; Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Church. Prophet Nigel Gaisie is a Ghanaian pastor popular for his doom prophecies against celebrities. He is the founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel.

Nigel Gaisie Biography; Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Church
Nigel Gaisie Biography

Nigel Gaisie Biography

Nigel was born and grew up in Ghana with his mother. According to him, he started seeing things at the age of 10 years that same age he was famous for his smoking habits.

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There is not much information about Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s upbringing, education, parents, siblings but we got some information about his church, wife, net worth, and age.

Nigel Gaisie net worth 2023

Nigel Gaisie is one of the richest pastors in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $11million. Aside from being a prophet in Ghana Nigel has acquired a great number of properties including mansions and plush vehicles.

Nigel Gaisie age: How old is Nigel Gaisie?

The exact age of Prophet Nigel Gaisie isn’t known but it’s believed he was born in the late 1980s.

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Nigel Gaisie wife: Is Nigel Gaisie married?

Nigel Gaisie is happily married to a Ghanaian lady whose identity is not yet known but they are blessed with two children named Abena Sharon Gaisie and Nyamekeye Gaisie.

Nigel Gaisie church

Nigel Gaisie has two churches he heads. He is the founder of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministry and Prophetic Hill Chapel all in Ghana.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie Phone Number

Are you searching for Prophet Nigel Gaisie Phone Number? Well, no more worry as has got the number for you. Prophet Nigel Gaisie Phone Number is 00233244955009 and you can call him whenever you have issues. This Prophet Nigel Gaisie Phone Number is still active for any business or spiritual matters.

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He took to his facebook page once to reveal his number and below is what he wrote;

“This is my personal number, you can always call but don’t call me twice at ago/time, I will return your call if I miss it….0244955009!!! 00233244955009.”

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