Nigeria TikTok Star ‘Bernie’ (yallcallmebernie) Bathroom Video Hits online

Nigeria TikTok Star ‘Bernie’ (yallcallmebernie) Bathroom Video Surfaces online

Nigeria TikTok star Bernie has been engaged in the same controversy as singer Oxlade, whose $€* tape was released online via Snapchat several months ago.

Bernie’s bathroom video has gone viral, causing quite a stir on numerous social media platforms. The TikTok influencer has closed the comment section on his social media profiles to avoid more controversy.

In the video, the TikTok influencer was seen in a restroom, forcefully massaging his Saugage ([email protected]$terbating) while filming himself.

Viewers are advised to exercise caution due to the +18 content .

Bernie and his girlfriend Khloe’s Gram, both Nigerian Tiktokers and Playhouse Naija fans, recently split up when Cliams claimed that Rainboy snitched on Bernie.

Meet each other Despite their relationship, Bernie (Benjamin) accused Rinaboy of having an affair with Khloe behind his back and betraying him.

In a rant video, Rinaboy lambasted Bernie, stating that Bernie lacked maturity in handling the case. He (Rinaboy) also denied Bernie’s charge of romance.

On Valentine’s Day, Y’all Meet Bernie and Khloe’s Gram shared their loved-up videos on social media, prompting many of their fans to question.



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