NPP And NDC MP’s Fight In Parliament Over The E-levy Bill

The majority and minority had their parliamentary sitting on Monday night 20th December 2021, concerning the implementation of the e-levy bill. During their sitting, the finance committee of the parliament brought up the issue of the e-levy bill implementation which was to be deliberated by the house.

During the debate, there was a misunderstand between the majority and the minority caucus, the scene at the parliament house yesterday was very unpleasant as the NDC and NPP Members of Parliament (MPs) were seen flying blows at each other.

Due to the misunderstanding last night, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Andrews Amoako Asiamah suspended the sitting and adjourned it to Tuesday 21st December 2022 at 9:00 am. During this time, there will be voting by both the majority and minority members of the parliament to finally decide whether the bill will be implemented or otherwise rejected by the chamber.

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NPP And NDC MP's Fight In Parliament Over The E-levy Bill
Fight broke out in parliament over e-levy bill implementation

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu in a press briefing said the e-levy bill was “technically incompetent” as he was strongly against its implementation. He also stated that he and his caucus are not going to take sides with the implementation of the bill but will definitely reject the controversial bill brought before the house by the finance committee. They the minority are ready to fight against the e-levy bill, he further stated, ” we are ready to kill the killer tax”.

The misunderstanding began after the deputy speaker of Parliament ruled in favor of the majority for the approval of the e-levy bill.

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Parliament brouhaha over the e-levy implementation

Voting was also suspended after the majority and minority members turned the parliament house into their boxing ring, engaging each other in a fistfight. The scene at the chamber last night was a total mess and an eyesore.

The e-levy bill has been made the last item on the first meeting of the eight parliaments sitting after it was suspended and adjourned.

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