NSS Posting: What to do after printing your appointment letter

How to check NSS Posting 2021/2022? The NSS posting 2021/2022 for all tertiary university students who complete this year is finally out. It is a must that every tertiary or diploma student must serve the country for at least a year before looking for jobs. The NSS postings 2021/2022 are done throughout the country’s sixteen (16) regions.

NSS Posting

How to print your NSS Appointment Letter

How can I print my NSS appointment letter? Below is a guide on What do you do after NSS posting and how to print your NSS Appointment Letter

  • Visit the NSS Posting Portal via https://portal.nss.gov.gh/check-posting
  • Enter your NSS Number in the space provided and Click the Search button.
  • When your Posting details appear, scroll down and click Click here to Print Posting Letter.
  • Next, your Posting Letter Page will Popup, then Click Show Appointment Letter beneath your details
  • In the end, Download and Print your NSS Appointment Letter.

NSS Posting: What to do after printing your appointment letter

  1. Submit the appointment letter (which has the User Agency form attached to it) to the establishment you’ve been posted to (user agency) for the letter to be endorsed by either the Head of the organization, Head of Department or the HR Director.
  2. Once your letter gets endorsed, revisit NSS site (click here to visit the NSS site) and click Regional Registration Appointment (right on the dashboard). There, you can schedule an appointment, choosing a date and time of your interest, for your Regional Registration. This is the offline process of registration.
  3. After, head to the regional zonal centre (i.e NSS office in the region you were posted to) on the specified date and time, to be registered into their system. Note that you need a valid national ID, passport picture, school ID and E-zwich card in order to be register.
  4. After registration, your Regional Acceptance Number (RAN) will be provided. Revisit the NSS website and reprint your appointment letter (with your RAN present this time). Make three (3) copies and submit each of them to the NSS District office and your posted firm. Then, keep the last one for reference sake.
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Note: What to do when you are rejected?

Should in case your institution rejects you for any reason just request from them a letter then send that letter to NSS for reposting.

How to Book an Appointment for NSS Regional Validation and Biometric Registration 

Here are the official steps on How to Book an Appointment for NSS Regional Validation and Biometric Registration on your Dashboard.

  1. First Log onto the NSS website portal at: nss.gov.gh,
  2. Then check postings and print copy of the appointment letter 2021/2022 SERVICE YEAR
  3. Afterwards go to your user agency for your of appointment letter to be endorsed by your Head of organization or Human Resource Director with an official stamp
  4. Afterwards visit the NSS website to schedule an appointment indicating date and time for regional validation and acceptance
  5. Then proceed to NSS Regional Zonal Registration Centre for validation and registration to obtain Regional Acceptance Number (RAN).
  6. After the validation, print a new appointment letter which has the “RAN” and make three photocopies Submit a copy to the NSS District Office, give a copy to the user agency and keep one.

NSS Posting Contacts details

Here are the contacts to get your problems address when facing challenges with your NSS posting

Please visit: www.nss.gov.gh
Call office Numbers:
Email: [email protected]

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