Oldest Person In The World: Meet The Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old

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Is The Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old? TikTok has gone viral with a video of what appears to be the oldest person in the world and the oldest woman alive. According to the video, this is her 399th birthday. Over the previous few days, Internet users have been astounded by a rumor about a 399-year-old woman.

The viral video has caused quite a stir on the internet, as many people still cannot believe a human can survive to be so old.

A TikTok video of a 163-year-old monk has already captured the attention of the internet. A few internet users now assume that someone far older than the monk is still alive.

Many people believe a woman lying in bed is 400 years old. Because of her advanced age, she is unable to move or communicate.

@briar_cares SHE IS 399 YEARS. OLDEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD #viral #viralvideos #tiktok ♬ I Wish I Never Said I Love You – Morgan M-James

The video, which is now trending on TikTok, depicts an exceedingly malnourished and fragile person in a hospital bed. Many people, whether on purpose or not, have wrongly labeled the figure as a woman of remarkable age in the video’s text or caption. However, neither is true.

Oldest Person In The World: Meet The Oldest Woman Alive Who Is 399 Years Old

Let’s start by laying forth some concrete facts. No one has ever survived to be 399 years old in recorded history. Jeanne Chalmet, the oldest known lady on Earth, died in 1997 at the age of 122. Jiroemon Kimura was the oldest man, living to the age of 116 before passing away in 2013. Kane Tanaka, the oldest person alive today, just celebrated her 119th birthday.

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The man in the video is Luang Pho Ya, a Thai Buddhist monk. The original video, shared by his granddaughter, quickly gained popularity and fueled wild speculation about the monk’s age. One video, in which it was speculated that Luang was 163 years old, had 88 million views and thousands of comments.

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As the TikTok version of “Post Office” got further and further away from the original post, Luang abruptly changed gender and aged another 300 years — which would have put Luang’s birth around the time the Thirty Years’ War was fought in Europe and the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty was born, some 150 years before the United States of America became a country.

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Who is the oldest person alive in the world?

According to CNN, Kane Tananka, who is 119 years old, is the world’s oldest person alive, as her great-granddaughter revealed in a Twitter post on January 1 to honor her birthday, with the caption:

“This is a fantastic achievement. I hope you continue to live life joyfully and to the fullest now that you’ve become 119 years old, [Kane Tanaka] “.

Kane Tananka has witnessed several historical events, including World War I, World War II, and the 1918 Spanish flu. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the 119-year-old the world’s oldest living person in 2019.

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