One Directions tattoos explained: complete information 2021

  • One Band has revealed the meanings of their numerous tattoos.
  • Zayn thinks the explanation behind his ‘Zap!’ tattoo is less complicated than you might think.
  • Louis claims that none of his etchings are the result of much thought.

In recent years, the once spotless boy band has spent almost as much time in tattoo parlors as they have on stage.

Since turning 18, One Direction has spent hours getting themselves tattooed from head to toe, with the exception of Niall Horan.

Harry Styles was the first to be inked, getting a star outline tattooed on his inner forearm as soon as he turned 18 – and his bandmates quickly followed suit.

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The obvious, such as Zayn’s drawing of girlfriend Perrie Edwards, and the cryptic, such as the feather on Liam Payne’s forearm, are among their designs.

However, in an interview with Teen Vogue, the guys revealed the meanings of a number of their tattoos, some of which were rather surprising.

Harry, who famously got nine tattoos in ten months, claimed that he gets inspiration from the individuals he encounters during an interview backstage during their global tour’s Miami leg.

‘We meet a lot of great people, and they say things that stick with us,’ the teen star remarked. ‘Some tattoos are just mementos of friends I’ve made over the years, whether they’re lifelong friends or friends I’ve met in the last four years.’

‘It’s good to have various people have different effects on you.’

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However, not all of the boys are as concerned about their body art, with Louis confessing that he got a few of his merely because he ‘likes the look of them.’

‘To be honest, not many of them have any significance,’ he said. ‘It’s just that I enjoy looking at them.’

‘I began with a ridiculous stick figure.’ Then there’s the fact that I enjoy skateboarding, which is why I got that one. This is for the international tour. This “Oops!” is because I didn’t like this line and said to myself, “Oops!”

Although Zayn and Harry were both fast to get tattoos, Louis gives them both a run for their money with a spider’s web and a bomb (‘because I’m da bomb’) on his forearm.

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Zayn said that his renowned ‘Zap!’ tattoo was inspired by his boyhood love of superheroes.

‘When it comes to comic books, I’m a bit of a geek,’ the actress admitted. ‘I’ve always been fascinated with cartoons and comic books.’

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Dedicated Directioners may be surprised by the announcement, given the 21-year-old previously claimed that the tattoo had a different meaning.

Zayn stated in a 2012 interview with that the ‘Zap!’ tattoo was a reference to his own secret society, the ‘Club Zappers,’ of which he and Louis are captains.

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Many assumed the comic book-style tattoo was an acronym for ‘Zayn and Perrie’ before he made his odd claims public.

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Whatever the true meaning of ‘Zap!,’ the actor has a number of other tattoos to decipher, including a little black letter on his collarbone.

‘For everyone inquiring what the new tatt signifies it says be true to who you are,’ he tweeted after getting it done in 2012.

The musician also wears an Arabic tattoo of his grandfather’s name on his breast, as well as a Japanese symbol on his hip that means ‘born lucky,’ and a yin and yang symbol on his wrist.

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Liam Payne, One Direction’s penultimate tattoo devotee, had the phrases ‘I figured it out’ from the song You and I added to his feather etching as part of his most recent dedication to his band.

Because it refers to his deceased grandma, the 21-year-old claims his feather is very precious to him – and even managed to impress his mother.

‘My mother despises tattoos, but she likes this one since it’s about my grandmother.’ That was the one who persuaded her to have a tattoo, and she was fine with it.’

‘The feather was a thing, we used to find feathers about the home when I was a kid, and everytime we did, my mother would say it was my nan leaving them around for us to find, so it was quite sweet.’

The words ‘Everything I Wanted But Nothing I’ll Ever Need’ are tattooed on Liam’s left forearm. On his right wrist, he has ‘Only Time Will Tell,’ and four chevrons on his right forearm.

‘These are the first tattoos I ever got,’ he adds of his ankle tattoos. Except for Niall, we’ve all got these on our ankles.

‘They’re merely screws that hold you together,’ says the narrator. I think it’s a way to keep you grounded. ‘Keep your feet firmly planted on the earth.’

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